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Site Design and Project Management


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Will visit a green field site and develop the drawings necessary for construction of the site and if required, project management will be provided.


Tower, Rooftop and Foundation Design


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Use engineers and optimizing software to provide cost effective solution. Tower, foundation or rooftop designs done under the code specified.


Tower Inspection


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Will climb your tower, undertake a thorough inspection and then provide you with a report precisely providing the information required for a tower analysis, required before additional loading is added. Unless very accurate records have been kept Tower Mapping is an essential source of information prior to tower analysis.

Tower Analysis


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Has the tools to quickly analyze any Telecommunications tower for any set of loading condition to all the common International Standards.


Tower and Foundation Reinforcement


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Can provide cost effective reinforcement designs that will pull new utility from old tower sites when cost or local regulations make a new tower impractical.

Towers Design & Supply


Self Supporting Tower


Self-supporting towers are supported on ground or on building and they act as cantilever trusses in carrying the wind and seismic loads. Though the weight of these towers is more they require less base area and are suitable in many situations. Hence most of the Telecom Cell Towers are self-supporting towers.


Steel towers can be constructed in number of ways but most efficient use of material is achieved by using open steel lattice. The typical arrangement for microwave tower is shown in the figure. The use of an open lattice avoids presenting the full width of structure to the wind but enables the construction of extremely light in weight and stiff structures. Hence most of the Telecom Cell structures are lattice structures.

STREFA offers the following Self-Supporting Towers


  1. Based on cross section of tower


  • Square Towers

  • Rectangular Towers

  • Triangular Towers

  • Delta Towers


  1. Based on type of material sections


  • Angular Towers


  • Hybrid Towers (Legs tubes and bracings angles)



  1. Based on placement of tower


  • Ground Based Towers

  • Roof Top Towers



Guyed Masts


Guyed Masts provides height at a much lower material cost than self-supporting towers due to the efficient use of high strength steel in the guys. Guyed masts are normally guyed in three directions over an anchor radius of typically 2/3 of the tower height and have a triangular lattice section for the central mast. Tubular masts are also used, especially where icing is very heavy and lattice sections would ice up fully.


These towers are much lighter than self-supporting type but require a large free space to anchor guy wires. Whenever large open space is available, guyed towers are provided. There are other restrictions to mount dish antennae on these towers and require large anchor blocks to hold the ropes.



Shelters are the state of art shelters conceptualized to provide protection to the high value telecom equipment. Strefa shelters are self-supporting with metal puff sandwich panels and specially designed doors. The shelters are corrosion resistant, dust and dirt proof. The specification are in line with the most common and specially designed (tailor made) as per customer requirements. We can supply prefabricated shelters and re-locatable shelters with best quality and low cost. Our qualified team will install all BTS equipment as per the client’s requirement and design.




SCOPE OF WORK :Scope of Work consists of following activities:


  • Site preliminary survey along with site acquisition team of Customer


  • Site Lay-out & Marking


  • Soil Testing & Design – Not required to this project


  • Structural Analysis & Design - Not required to this project


  • Finalization of specifications for equipment, works in consultation with technical and commercial teams of Customer


  • Preparation  of  schedules  and  co-ordination  with  all  suppliers  &  sub



  • Co-ordination with all Liaisoning& other agencies


  • Proto inspections and approval in coordination with Customer (If required)


  • Plan & scheduling of equipment and inform to warehouse & logistics department of Customer


  • Supervision of Civil, Electrical, Tower and other equipment installations


  • Quality inspections and audit


  • Site RFI


  • Site inspections, punch points


  • Co-ordination with all suppliers and Subcontractors for liquidation of punch points


  • Site AT and documentation


  • Final inspection & Handing over of site


  • Bills verification and certification


  • Site Survey.


  • Site Engineering (Structural Analysis of an existing building, layout design of equipment etc).


  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities & Bill of Services.


  • Quality check on all items used in the project at site and at the Suppliers' Factory (at request by Operators).


  • Monitoring all the activities on daily basis and reporting through a MIS (including critical area and critical activity analysis.


  • Liaison with State Electricity Boards for obtaining required power.


  • Obtaining of No Objection Certificate for setting up Cell Site.


  • Provision of Security at Site.


  • Documentation.


  • Tower Design including obtaining SERC / IIT approvals


  • Tower fabrication and delivery at site


  • Site Survey & foundation design


  • Tower, Shelter & DG Foundation works and other related civil works


  • Tower Erection and Painting


  • Supply and installation of Tower Accessories


  • Grounding


  • Electrical Works for Indoor and Outdoor sites


  • Supply and Installation of class B infrastructure items like AC, DG, Battery ,Rectifier, Stabilizer etc.,



  • Electricity, Municipal and SACFA approvals




Installation of BTS / MW Equipment


Strefa undertakes turnkey installation & de-installation projects for complete telecom networks. Our installation Teams have experience on various telecom equipment’s from vendors such as Huawei, BSNL.. TTL etc.






  • Fixing of Horizontal Cable Tray


  • Fixing of RF Antennae and Microwave Antennae


  • Clamping and Routing of Cables


  • Grounding / Earthing


  • Alignment of Antenna as per Specifications




  • Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)


  • Installation of Tx Rack


  • Installation & Commissioning of Tx Equipment


  • Fixing of Cable Tray


  • Grounding of Equipments


  • Installation of Rectifier and Battery Bank


GSM Antenna Installation


The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated with mechanical arrangement will be examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following: -


  • Desired Height


  • Grounding


  • Desired Orientation


  • Lighting Protection


Antenna Installation Process


The antenna installation & testing will be carried out using the following resources:


  • Trained team

  • Expert supervision

  • Site Master

  • Power-up to Mux and link head.


Rack Installation


The rack for the installation of indoor unit and other equipment will be installed in the equipment room by grouting the bolts in the floor. The rods will be used if additional support is required.


Installation & Commissioning of Multiplexers in MSC, BSC and Cell Sites



  • Installing the mux in the rack and powering up from DC Distribution Box.


  • Installing The NVM (Non Volatile Memory) cards in the Mux.


  • Installing The DCDB in the rack.


  • Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB.


  • Installing the tributary cables from mux to Digital Distribution Frame.


  • Kroning the E1s in their respective krone modules (Tx, Rx).


  • Labeling the krone modules like TXs and RXs, and tributary cables.


  • Grounding the rack, and mux, from the grounding bar (less than 1 ohm) in the shelter.


  • Commissioning of mux.


  • Giving IP Address for DCC and Ethernet for management purpose.


  • Checking all kroned E1s with giving local loops from PC by using Bit Error Rate (BER) Meter.


  • Checking mux Tx power of all out ports.


  • Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter.


  • Checking mux receiving sensitivity of optical ports by using variable mechanical attenuator.

  • We undertake electrical projects which involve supply of material, earth pit work & shelter electrification.


  • Grounding System


  • The grounding system is designed to achieve the uniform earth resistance of less than 1 ohm at the site. The grounding system consists of the following Sub Systems: Grounding pits - 4 nos., one for lightning protection of Tower and Equipment Shelter, one for the Electronic Equipment inside the Shelter, one for the DG Neutral DG & Body earth and one for AC earth.


Earth conductor runs from the lightning protection system, Principal ground bar maintained as reference in the shelter for electronic equipment, DG neutral and DG body to the respective earth pits.


Resource Support Management


       We are also providing resources for Installation, Commissioning and Integration for various esteemed vendors like Lucent, Siemens, Alcatel, Ericsson and Nortel along with latest equipment’s like Site Masters / Site Analyzers, RF Power Meter, High Graded Laptops, Variable / Fixed Attenuator, E1 Tester, Optical Fiber Scope, Frequency Counters, Optical Power Meter, Digital Earth Meter, GPS, Binocular, Digital Camera etc., and other tools.

Our Teams have experience of various systems such GSM, CDMA, WLL etc. from various telecom vendors




Concept of In-Building Solutions


Hi-speed wireless connectivity in workplace, airports, hotels, convention centers, hospitals etc is becoming more prevalent. It provides today’s business executives equipped with laptops, PDAs, wireless LAN, mobile sets with seamless wireless email and Internet service. To meet this ever-growing demand, building owners are finding it of paramount importance to deploy a robust in-building wireless solution for creating a competitive niche and better user experience. Typically a building requires services such as Broadband, Mobile Telephone Coverage, DTH, etc. To ensure the delivery of such services seamlessly to the users, a state of the art infrastructure is required.


For Wireless LANs, PDAs, Laptops, Mobile sets to communicate smoothly using various mobile and wireless services and applications, adequate signal strength is critical. For example, a building may not receive adequate mobile coverage from outdoor cell sites. This is because in most cases the signals present outside the building are unable to penetrate the building material, thus resulting in poor coverage. A typical problem


in high rises is the problem of interference, where at higher floors a full network presence is detected but a call cannot be made successfully due to interfering signals. Crowded areas like malls, airports, large commercial complexes need a dedicated system to handle the capacity requirements for the large number of calls at such locations. Further with 3G quickly getting popularity amongst these above mentioned demographics, network strength, quality and capacity etc are becoming a cause of major concern.


With comprehensive experience of deploying hi performance wireless infrastructure projects, STREFA offers an unbiased approach to In-Building Solutions while providing flexibility for new technologies.


In-Building Solutions Infrastructure


To ensure adequate strength and quality of wireless signals, it is essential to have a dedicated


In-building solution. Similarly for other wireless services such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Wireless Broadband, etc. such a dedicated Infrastructure is the need of the hour. And with 3G on the horizon, the need for a dedicated communication infrastructure is now more than ever. Additionally, such infrastructure should be capable of supporting multiple operators and service providers.


STREFA is actively working with the entire ecosystem of Developers, Builders, Shopping Malls etc to build, ready to use in building infrastructure for the Telecom

Operators to take advantage of and offer an unbeatable and superior user experience to their customers.


Our Approach


         We at STREFA believe that a neutral and unbiased host infrastructure provider like us understand better the needs of the building users/dwellers, developers and the corresponding service providers. We evaluate the complexity of an indoor wireless environment while focusing on cost-effective network planning and systems engineering solutions.


We ensure that the building is installed with a state of the art Infrastructure to support a host of wired as well as wireless services comprising of In-Building Mobile coverage, Wireless Broadband, etc.


STREFA ensures a hassle-free single window for all connectivity needs for a building. A single network is installed and is shared commonly by all service providers.


STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD Designs and installs infrastructure ensuring:

  • Extensive wireless LAN with lesser access points and more uniform coverage for the operator


  • A single network supports all services/ service providers so that there is no need for parallel networks and parallel cables. All the service providers commonly share the infrastructure

  • Reducing re-wiring. Once the building is wired its future ready for all kinds of connectivity requirements and re-wiring is almost eliminated.


  • STREFA PROJECTS PVT LTD becomes your hassle free single point of contact interacting with several service providers. For scalability, technology upgrades are planned for and taken care of


  • Aesthetics are preserved


The scope of work we will provide in-building high quality installation for the BTS and Antennas network.


       Strefa shall prepare and submit a pre agreed work schedule for each individual project.

 Strefa shall assign a supervisor who is responsible for submitting weekly reports and daily update as well as handling any further communication with customer

Strefa shall conduct a survey / site work to identify Antennas/splitters/ BTS locations and the routing of feeder cables.

Strefa shall coordinate with building owner / representatives and building maintenance for issues such as access, working hours, and work permissions.

All Materials will be delivered to the Site by the Strefa.

PVC Truncking should be provided and installed by Strefa.

Strefa shall be responsible for all work related matters, such as opening and closing of false ceiling tiles, making temporary or permanent openings in gypsum false ceiling and any other opening required for feeder entry.

Provision of staff, labours, tools, drill machines, machinery, Jack saws, safety equipment and any other requirement is the responsibility of Strefa.

Installation of all antenna network work (Passive Network) is the responsibility of Strefa such as, delivery of material, laying of feeders, fixing splitters, antennas, connectors, and all other antenna network elements.

Strefa is responsible to clear the site from any extra material or wastage.

Strefa shall carry Make all necessary tests to passive networks to assure the compliance of network with the approved Design and Technical Requirement and submit the reports (VSWR-DTF) to Customer.

At any stage of implementation, Strefa has the right to modify the design and add/remove/relocate any part of the design, to cope with any new requirement.


  1. After work completion, Strefa shall provide full drawings for the completed project (As built drawings).

   2. Strefa shall maintain Quality of Service for Passive network installation at the following       criteria.

    3.Labels on each antenna/splitter installed and on each feeder end. Labels to be provided  by Strefa

   4.Antennas feeders should be routed in the existing cable trays properly and should be tie wrapped.


   5.All passive equipments should be installed in the exact location as per provided layout.

   6.The connectors, splitters and antennas should be installed as per provided drawings.


    7.Strefa shall handover the site to customer based on the given design criteria, and during joined inspection by both companies representative.


     We offer a full range of services by providing a comprehensive range of services to the telecommunications industry and have the capability to perform most assignments from minor installations through to full turnkey solutions nationwide and internationally.


     The services we provide include: Project & Site Management, Mast Design, Fabrication and Erection, Civil Design and Site works, Fibre Termination and Testing, Frequency / Spectrum Planning, Transmission Planning, Network Site, Design, Site Acquisition, Building Consent and RMA, SDH/PDH network deployment, Commissioning and Maintenance (24/7).


    Strefa can perform any large-scale national project(s), and has developed a nation-wide infrastructure of engineers, project managers, telecommunications technicians, riggers, cable installers, electricians, civil contractors and support staff.


    Many of these personnel have an ongoing relationship with all technicians due to work undertaken for nation-wide maintenance contracts held by the company. We have also created several strategic alliances with other communications organizations, enabling the seamless provision of a diverse range of skills and capabilities.

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