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Gas processing facilities strive to optimize production and minimize downtime and operational cost, while maintaining safe operation. For this purpose, your automation systems must meet stringent process control requirements, while being reliable and scalable.


With experience, our team of knowledgeable engineers and project managers understand the issues you face. Taking advantage of easy to use tools and modern technology, we are able to design solutions that meet your needs to help you keep production levels high. We have helped customers all over the world by seamlessly migrating their less effective control systems, updating safety systems as well as optimizing processes by using advanced process control solutions.


Our gas processing solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications, including:


Distributed control system


Optimization of Amine treatment, Sulfur recovery, Cryogenic process, Lean oil absorption and Fractionation operations Pump, compressor, turbomachinery control and condition monitoring


Process safety, including Emergency Shut Down systems and Safety Instrumented Systems SIL levels Process improvement and advanced process control Burner Management Systems (BMS)


Metering and measurement


Fire and gas systems


High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems


Motor control solutions


While liquefied natural gas can offer substantial rewards, it also poses significant challenges: environmental and safety regulations require constant vigilance. Challenging market conditions demand flexibility. And tight business conditions require operational excellence.


From turbo-expander controls to information and planning systems, we understand these challenges, and offer products, solutions and services to help you lower your operating costs. We have helped customers in a variety of locations with many of the core applications needed to create a safe, efficient operating environment including:


Process control


Terminal Automation System


Turbo expander, compressors and turbomachinery control (TMC) systems


Process safety, including Emergency Shut Down systems and Safety Instrumented Systems at all SIL levels Metering and LACT unit controls solutions

Leak detection


When you are responsible for a multibillion dollar asset, what do you focus on? Is it uncontrolled release events? Is it having to squeeze out tight margins? Is it a potential loss of intellectual property or assets due to cybersecurity attacks? We can help you run a safe and efficient operation. With powerful process and motor controllers that integrate easily with your main DCS, we provide tight control and comprehensive information on your refinery assets helping you meet your performance objectives. We have a well-earned reputation for helping refineries improve productivity, safety and efficiency. And with more than 20 years of experience employees in refining and petrochemical applications, we can help you design, deploy and maintain the ideal system for your operations.


Process control


Safety systems


Pump, compressor, turbomachinery control (TMC)


Boiler Control and Burner Management Systems (BMS)


Metering and LACT unit controls solutions


Motor control solutions


Power and energy management solutions


Model based multivariable process control and optimization


Software continuous emission monitoring systems


Condition based monitoring (temperature, vibration monitoring)


Emergency shutdown up to SIL3 certification


Security, fire and gas detection


High integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS)




Strefa is experienced in constructing water, wastewater and process pipeline systems.


We are experienced in all types of pipe materials and systems that deliver the water from the source to the plant and on to the end user. In addition to the clean water side of the business, Strefa also has experience in constructing pipeline systems that handle the discharge end of the product. Interceptor sewers and sanitary pipelines play a key role in the full water cycle by enabling the used water to be transported to facilities for required treatment, prior to being discharged, utilized by others or otherwise disposed of.


Project managers and a full estimating team can also work with unique applications to develop special piping needs for process piping and cooling systems. The pipeline work can be seamlessly integrated with Strefa intake, pump station and treatment capabilities to deliver a complete water system for the municipal, power or industrial customer.


Strefa has the experience and expertise to meet your budget and schedule for the installation of deep, large diameter piping in rock or other difficult soil conditions. We also have the capability to design and install support systems and provide tunneling and marine installation as required.


Our pipeline projects are frequently constructed using Alternate Delivery methods like Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk and other related fields. Our extensive equipment fleet and ability to self-perform all of the work on a typical pipeline project, makes Strefa the best value for your pipeline project.




Strefa has an impressive history of constructing pipeline systems for both distribution and transmission needs.


we have specialized in the construction of municipal waterworks and sewerage projects. For clean water supply, these projects include the construction of all those facilities needed to get the water from the river, treat and sterilize it, pump it, store it and pipe it to the customers. We also build those facilities needed to collect, convey, pump, treat, sterilize and discharge the water after it has been used by the customers, completing the water use and recycle process. Water is at the very heart of our business.


Strefa has installed water transmission piping for large municipal systems, power companies and other industrial users. These pipelines can be quite large in diameter and transport significant quantities of water to points of need and storage. Much of the company's growth can be traced to the design and construction of rural water systems and the great lengths of piping required to push water from the source of supply to the outlying customer base.




Strefa provides cutting-edge pump systems to the Municipal market including cities, towns, and villages along with large government buildings, high-rises and skyscrapers. We design custom pumping solutions to fit the broad spectrum of Municipal & Industrial needs, all with improved efficiencies designed to effectively reduce power and water consumption.


From the small-horsepower modular booster designed to fit through a standard doorway to the high-horsepower water treatment facility with remote monitoring, Strefa can provide the solution to most any Municipal water challenge.

Strefa’ Municipal and Industrial pre-fabricated pump stations are constructed for maximum operating efficiency, and our advanced controls produce significant and measurable energy and labor savings. Available web-based remote monitoring makes your pump station accessible from anywhere.


Strefa has a long history of combining innovative technology with robust and practical mechanical designs. Our patented Electronic Butterfly Valve smoothes out flow while providing 100% backup pressure regulation in the event of a VFD fault. Variable Frequency Drives are an essential part of all Strefa pump stations for regulating water pressure with precision pump control.


Our nationwide network of service providers allows for peace of mind installations, service and maintenance needs to keep your system in the best possible condition and to achieve greater system lifespan. When your project needs require any style of pumping system, let the design team at Strefa provide you with an innovative solution.

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